About MyTexasPublicSchool.org

For parents

This site is designed for parents who are new to Texas public schools. Whether your child is just beginning his or her first school experience; transferring from another state or country; transitioning from private school or home school; or you simply wish to be more informed about the Texas school your child already attends, this site will help you navigate the Texas public school system.

The Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) crafted this site with the idea that parents shouldn't have to spend hours searching for answers to questions they have about public schools. Information should be easy to find.

MyTexasPublicSchool.org is a collection of answers to commonly asked questions and need-to-know information to help your child succeed in public school. Topics like Enrollment Requirements will help you get started.

For school districts

MyTexasPublicSchool.org was created by TASB to provide districts with a resource to help parents get acquainted with the Texas public school system. Though many of the specific questions parents have can best be answered by contacting the individual school, this site presents general information about how to enroll, understand the school system, and get involved with their child's education. The site aims to create a comfortable experience for those entering the Texas public school system by answering commonly asked questions and offering advice on how best to be prepared.

TASB encourages school districts to distribute this information freely. Find artwork to share this site on your own website and in print materials.

Send feedback about this site to comments@mytexaspublicschool.org.

About TASB

The Texas Association of School Boards promotes educational excellence for Texas schoolchildren through advocacy, visionary leadership, and high quality services to school districts.