Accountability Ratings

Accountability ratings are given to public schools in Texas based on a state created accountability system. The accountability system provides districts with an A-F rating.

Currently, Texas evaluates under three domains: 

  • Student achievement (based on student test scores and college and career readiness); 
  •  School progress (based on comparing student test score improvement over time and with similarly situated students); and
  • Closing the gaps (based on the achievement rates of certain subgroups of students). 

The A-F rating is tied to typical A-F grade percentages (90% is an A, 80% is a B, etc.), but the grade percentages come from a complicated system that relies mainly on standardized test scores. Although the A-F rating can provide some basic information, schools and districts have many strengths that a simple letter grade may fail to capture.

To see your school’s and district’s accountability rating, see the Texas Education Agency’s TXschools.gov.