Supplies, programs, services, and materials

Public education is tuition-free but not completely free of expenses. Schools may not charge fees for anything related to a course grade, such as textbooks, workbooks, or laboratory supplies necessary for an instructional class. However, students must buy their own pencils, paper, pens, erasers, notebooks, and other personal items on the school supply list.

Expenses you can expect are:

  • Lunch
  • Participation in extracurricular activities
  • Membership dues in student organizations or clubs
  • Physical education apparel and equipment
  • Use of musical instruments
  • Student parking
  • Identification cards
  • Driver training courses
  • Summer school courses (if that course is offered without a fee during the regular school year)
  • Optional credit courses
  • Make-up classes outside of school hours
  • Fines for lost, damaged, or overdue library books

Waiving fees

All school districts must have procedures to waive a fee if the student or parent is unable to pay it. You can find that procedure in your school’s Student Handbook. Also available in the Student Handbook is information on the national Free and Reduced Price Lunch program. For more information, visit National School Breakfast and Lunch Program for Texas.